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TangiWai: WINNER of Award for Best Visual  Design, 2018, Green Room Award

Dignity of Risk: WINNER Best Production for Young People 2017, Sydney Theatre Awards

TangiWai: Nomination for Best Visual or Physical Theatre Production 2016 Helpmann Awards

TangiWai: Nomination for 2016 Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance

TangiWai: Nomination for "Best on Stage" 2015 SMAC awards

The Secret Noise: WINNER APRA/AMC Award as Best Instrumental Work of the Year 2015

Sleep Wake: WINNER Gold Award The Designer’s Institute of NZ Best Awards, 2009

Sleep Wake: WINNER Fringe  Award  for Best Production Design NZ, 2009


Design elements are the real stars of the show – wafts of mist, crackling lines of light, cacophonous and chthonic sounds. Fragmented bodies emerge slowly from the darkness: sometimes angular and almost inhuman in the shadows, at other moments filleted by light so that all we see are hips and legs, like ancient fertility images.

Performing ArtsHub on TangiWai


.... Lighting an outdoor performance is always tricky, particularly when the show spans a period of three and a half hours. Lighting designer, Fausto Brusamolino, keeps things relatively simple at first, allowing the natural light to do its work. As the sun sets, additional devices are brought into play, creating backdrops from the trees around the carpark and shadows that portent the stories to come. It is mindful, gentle work that avoids pulling attention away from the performers who are really the heart of the show.

Sydney Festival Review on Home Country (Fausto Brusamolino) effectively transform the performance space, making it intimate and local and opening it out to a cosmological vision of the mutability of life, acquainting us with ghosts and the ever-present dead. 

Real Time Arts on the Spirit of Things


The lighting design by Fausto Brusamolino is soft, effective and adequate. At no point does it bring attention to itself through extravagance or underuse.

Talking Arts on Ich Nibber Dibber


Fausto Brusamolino expertly utilises the space with his lighting design. This is a massive undertaking. 

Talking Arts on Home Country (the production was set in a four level carpark , including rooftop)


The projection and lighting design is exceptional. 

In Review on TangiWai


Fausto Brusamolino manages in the tight space of the Reginald Theatre to provide a Lighting Design to support the action of the play with avid sympathy and care for the projected images. 

Kevin Jackson on No End of Blame


...But without question, the stars of the show are Fausto Brusamolino and Boris Morris Bagattini, whose light and mist designs  are often jaw-dropping in their inspired creativity and execution.

The Music on TangiWai


Technical production values are first class with lighting by Fausto Brusamolino 

Australian Stage on No End of Blame


Sudden shafts of beauty

Sydney Morning Herald on Obscene Madame D


Finely crafted aural and visual imagery. ...a mysterious and rewarding experience, an immersive sharing

RealTime magazine on Obscene Madame D


The space is charged with a sense of wonderment, as though something esoteric has taken over Madame D’s depressed home and mind. Video projections by Sam James and lights by Fausto Brusamolino create a gloomy but seductive atmosphere; we never feel at ease, but this mysterious intrusion into Madame D’s sanctuary is a hauntingly beautiful experience

Sydney Theatre reviews on Obscene Madame D

The lighting works a treat

Sydney Arts Guide on The Moors