Custom Made Objects & Creative Coding

Fausto has build a number of custom made objects and machines, tailored to meet specific aesthetic and production needs, driving the director work towards a non-theatrical and unique space.

Creative Coding is used and implemented to allow interactive control over the custom made objects, or as a prototyping and designing tool.  

Multitap Water Controller

For TangiWai Fausto designed a custom built system to control the water effects on stage.

The water effects were controlled  and manipulated live, via lighting desk, allowing the production to achieve a unique and stunning  aesthetic, creating a wide range of water palettes and textures.

For this production, Fausto wrote the software and prototyped the hardware necessary to control the water effects via lighting desk.   


Photo crediting:

TangiWai (2015) , devising period and performance   

Choreographer and Director:Victoria Hunt

Solo dancer, devising period: KristinaChan 

Video and Lighting Design: Boris Bagattini

Lighting and Water Design: Fausto Brusamolino



Building and testing  the Multitap Water Controller at the Rex Studio, University of Sydney.

Fausto Brusamolino: concept & design, engineering, prototyping, testing.

Richard Manner: technical consultation and final hardware building 


Creative Coding and Generative Design

Creating Coding and custom made software, are devised with a strong focus on designing a solution that is tailored around the production requirements.

As part of my research and area of interest, I build  a series of visual tools , interactive videos and interfaces that I use in my installations.


Custom Made Interface for Controlling Lighting Effects

Custom built interface for manipulating lighting via touch pen or mouse.

This interface was created and designed to allow an highly intuitive interaction between lighting operator and clusters of lights or LED strips, in order to achieve specific and unique lighting effects. 

This interface is intended to be used as a tool  to bypass some tedious and unnecessary lighting  programming,  freeing up the board operator to experience  the performance and immediately respond to it,   manipulating the lighting in real time , in a different and unique way for every show.


Fausto Brusamolino: concept, prototyping and software coding

Intuitive interface for controlling cluster of lights or LED strip

Intuitive interface for controlling cluster of lights or LED strip

led tracking.jpg

Portable power station for testing and prototyping outdoor installations 


This portable power station can power up several LEDs lights, as well as a small/medium size sound speakers and video projectors.

This power station is suitable for prototyping and testing ideas on location,  temporary installations or performing art works.

With a simple implementation, it could be connected to a solar panel, to recharge the battery during daylight.