Fausto Brusamolino Bio

FAUSTO BRUSAMOLINO is a lighting designer and creative coder based in Sydney, Australia.

Fausto designs lighting for live performances and filming, creates his own lighting installations, and provides lighting designs and consultation for other artists' artworks and exhibitions.

Fausto has lit productions in traditional venues like theatres, studios and galleries, alongside less conventional locations like multilevel car parks, large outdoor installations and an abandoned restaurant. 

Fausto's approach to lighting design organically embraces a wide range of visual techniques, deploys specifically made lighting, mechanical objects, and uses creative coding to build custom made softwares.  

In his work, creative coding is used as a tangible platform for personal research, for prototyping visual solutions, and for real time control of lighting and other scenic effects. Creative coding is implemented as an organic element of the show, and become a distinctive production asset to create stunning and unique aesthetics.

As a freelancer, Fausto has designed shows and worked for: Sydney Festival, Sydney Opera House, Opera Australia, Australian Ballet, New Zealand International Arts Festival, MAU, Bangarra, MCA, Biennale of Sydney, Post, Victoria Hunt, Kate Gaul, Roslyn Oades, The Cad Factory, Urban Theatre Projects, Teatro Stabile di Torino and many more. 

Fausto recently designed the lighting and developed a custom made lighting software for The NightLine, an immersive work that crafts together installation, performance, and a powerful sound piece, set in an abandoned restaurant.

Fausto received the 2018 Green Room Award for Best Visual Design for Tangiwai, directed by Victoria Hunt, which he designed the lighting for and developed the software/hardware to manipulate the water effects in real time.

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Lighting Designer

The Experts, Harness Ensemble (2019)

A Galaxy of Suns, Michaela Gleave (2019)

Egosystem, Dean Walsh, showing dev1 (2019)

Kontiki Racket, Ensemble Offspring (2019)

S/Words, Lewis Major, 1st Creative Dev (2019)

Mother Tongue, Annalouise Paul, Creative Development (2019)

The Moors, Kate Gaul (2019)

The NightLine, Roslyn Oades, RHRN (2018)

Circles of Fire, John Douglas, LiveWorks (2018)

Terrorist Apostate, end of 2nd development showing (2018)

Multiply Body, Evaporative Body, research session (2018)

Les Mamelles de Tiresias, Sydney Conservatory  (2018)

Obscene Madame D, Theatre Kantanka, (2018)

Art Installation, Biljana Novakovic, SCA Sydney (2018)

Black and White, dir Margie Medlin, filming session (2018)

Mission Songs Project, Sydney Festival (2018)

Summer Creative Play, Sydney Opera House (2018)

Shadow Places, CAD Factory (2017)

No End of Blame, Sport for Jove (2017)

Who Dreamed It, Ensemble Offspring (2017)

Dignity of Risk, ATYP (2017)

Mission Songs Project, Jessie Lloyd (2017)

Ich Nibber Dibber, Post  (2017)

Home Country , Urban Theatre Project (2017)

Kontiki Racket, EnsembleOffspring  (2016)

Spirit of Things, Stiff Gins (2016)

Sangkuriang, WeiZen (2016)

Speed of Life, Ruckus (2016)

TangiWai, Victoria Hunt (2015) lighting and water effects 

the Secret Noise, Ensemble Offspring (2014)

Florodora (2009)

the Outing, Red Boots Productions (2008)

Glengarry Glen Ross, Gank (2007) lighting and set designer

la Bisbetica Domata, Gank (2007) lighting and set designer

Vita Prigioniera, Teatro della Caduta (2007)

i Pazzi per Progetto, Opera Barga (2007)


Creative Coding

A Galaxy of Suns (2019): design and coding of a software that controls lighting based on real time star data and astronomy inspired video animations.

S/Words (2019): design and coding of custom made visual driven software to control lighting in real time.

Mother Tongue (2019): development of custom made software to control a kinetic set design in real time, based on dancers movement, assisted by machine learning.

The NightLine (2018): development of custom made software to control the entire lighting installation.

Multiply Body, Evaporative Body, Research session (2018): Generative video design and Depth Camera concept, software design, prototyping and testing of depth camera system and interface. 

Obscene Madame D (2018): concept, software design, prototyping and development of interface for controlling and manipulating clusters of lighting on the fly, via live generated video content  

Black and White (2018): generative and interactive video design for Filming Sessions

Shadow Places (2017) Burnt Car Installation: concept, design, software development and prototyping.

Time Lapse (2017)  software development for time lapse app used for Creative Play 2017  at the Sydney Opera House

Sangkuriang (2016) concept, design and software development of interactive video content

TangiWai (2015) concept, design, prototyping, software development of custom made water and mist controller, controlled live from a  lighting desk



Nominations & Awards

TangiWai: WINNER of Award for Best Visual  Design, 2018, Green Room Award

Dignity of Risk: WINNER Best Production for Young People 2017, Sydney Theatre Awards

TangiWai: Nomination for Best Visual or Physical Theatre Production 2016 Helpmann Awards

TangiWai: Nomination for 2016 Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance

TangiWai: Nomination for "Best on Stage" 2015 SMAC awards

The Secret Noise: WINNER APRA/AMC Award as Best Instrumental Work of the Year 2015

Sleep Wake: WINNER Gold Award The Designer’s Institute of NZ Best Awards, 2009

Sleep Wake: WINNER Fringe  Award  for Best Production Design NZ, 2009

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