Live Mist Water Controller (2015)

For TangiWai Fausto designed a custom built system to control the water effects on stage.

The water effects were controlled  and manipulated live, via lighting desk, allowing the production to achieve a unique and stunning  aesthetic, creating a wide range of water palettes and textures.

For this production, Fausto wrote the software and prototyped the hardware necessary to control the water effects via lighting desk.   


Photo crediting:

TangiWai (2015) , devising period and performance   

Choreographer and Director:Victoria Hunt

Solo dancer, devising period: KristinaChan 

Video and Lighting Design: Boris Bagattini

Lighting and Water Design: Fausto Brusamolino


arduino Tangiwai Fausto Brusamolino.jpg

Building and testing  the Multitap Water Controller at the Rex Studio, University of Sydney.

Fausto Brusamolino: concept & design, engineering, prototyping, testing.

Richard Manner: technical consultation and final hardware building