Dignity of Risk (2017)

Lighting Designer  

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DOR web photo 3.png

For this production, the lighting design used an extended black, white and gold palette, to support the script and the set design aesthetic. The colour patterns where chosen to suggest a black and white, unwelcoming world, embraced by determination, hope and powerful warmth .

Several light sources were hidden within the set to provide specific and intimate pools of light, while concealing the light source itself.

Director:                                  Natalie Rose
  Choreographer:                   Margot Politis
        Dramaturg:                            Jennifer Medway

               Lx Designer:                           Fausto Brusamolino
 Sound Design:                       James Brown
    Sets/Costume Designer:  Melanie Liertz

Production Manager:         Lauren Makin
    Stage Manager:                     Sorie Bangura
Audio Describer:                  Imogen Yang