Speed of Life (2016)

For this production, the lighting was intentionally used to reverberate onto the set and props,  to bounce onto the cast, to achieve the desired visual aesthetic of a soft and glowing environment.

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Speed of Life 2-83.jpeg
Speed of Life-331.jpeg
Speed of Life-95.jpeg
Speed of Life-850.jpeg


Chris Bunton
Audrey O’Connor
Gerard O’Dwyer
James Penny
Digby Webster
Rachel Sugrim

Co- Collaborators

Co-Director / Choreographer Dean Walsh
Co- Director/ Producer Alison Richardson

Lighting Designer Fausto Brusamolino
Set/Costume Designer Kate Shanahan
Sound Designer Peter Kennard
Video Designer Martin Fox

Technical Coordinator & Operator Tim Dennis
Stage Manager Suzy Dunne
Stage Assistants Steve Wilson-Alexander & Jocelyne Lamarche
Administrative Support PACT staff
Rehearsal Assistants Ana Nguyen, Dave Webster, Jennifer Moxham, Christine & John O’Connor, Omer Astrachan Documenter Jerome Pearce
Graphic Designer Tiffany Faulder

Photographer Heidrun Lohr