Speed of Life (2016)

Lighting Designer

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For this production, the lighting was designed to reverberate onto the set and props,  and to bounce onto the cast, to suggest a sense of soft and glowing environment.


Chris Bunton
Audrey O’Connor
Gerard O’Dwyer
James Penny
Digby Webster
Rachel Sugrim

Co- Collaborators

Co-Director / Choreographer Dean Walsh
Co- Director/ Producer Alison Richardson

Lighting Designer Fausto Brusamolino
Set/Costume Designer Kate Shanahan
Sound Designer Peter Kennard
Video Designer Martin Fox

Technical Coordinator & Operator Tim Dennis
Stage Manager Suzy Dunne
Stage Assistants Steve Wilson-Alexander & Jocelyne Lamarche
Administrative Support PACT staff
Rehearsal Assistants Ana Nguyen, Dave Webster, Jennifer Moxham, Christine & John O’Connor, Omer Astrachan Documenter Jerome Pearce
Graphic Designer Tiffany Faulder

Photographer Heidrun Lohr