Burnt Car Installation (2017)

Fausto Brusamolino car inside Engine night.JPG

For Shadow Places I have created a lighting installation using an abandoned burnt car that was found on site.

At night time,  occasionally,  the car was coming alive, and the hi beam lights were flashing at specific intervals, transmitting a morse code to the outside world.

The installation concept was an attempt to bring this abandoned human made object back to life, using lighting as form of communication. The audience was instinctively exploring the car interiors and surroundings , opening the car doors and bonnet to inspect the engine.

The technology deployed for this installation was completely disguised within the car to amplify and suggest a realistic effect.


Fausto Brusamolino: concept, design, prototyping, software implementation

Michael Petchkovsky: battery and solar panels design.

Brendan Russell: Production & Art Installer Assistant

Based on code written by Rene Christen from Code on Canvas